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About Pooja

I had to work on myself to start my own business and be a better mum to my teenage daughters.
I come from a background where meditation and mindfulness are second nature. I grew up meditating every day. Although I was well equipped to be resilient and overcome my fears and doubts, it took me a while to stare them down and become the person I wanted to be. Somehow, I still found myself living the life of a person that some one else wanted me to be.

Fast forward 3 years, I am finally doing what I have always love doing for most part of my adult life, coaching and helping people. I am better mother as I have learnt to listen to them and respect their points of views, (Most times, haha)

How did I do it you might ask? I applied the same coaching principles to my life and came out the other side, and now I am living a life that I want me to live. I am setting goals for myself and not living through some one else’s goals.


About ReAline You

At ReAline You, we aim at helping people in being the best versions of themselves, be it in personal life or professional in a healthy and sustainable manner.
You may have thought about how you would juggle professional life and a family; you may have thought about how you would be a better parent to teenage kids or simply put how well will you communicate with them so you can connect with them. You may have gone through separation/divorce and maybe finding it hard to help your children and may need help yourself so you can help them.

You may have also thought about having better and sustainable health outcomes for yourself and your family.

At ReAline You, we are trained extensively to help you resolve all these problems through a series of workshops and programs which are designed to meet your specific needs.