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Simplify your money, love your life!

Money Warriors shows hardworking people how to manage their money to grow their wealth over time, to put it on autopilot, so they can focus right now on living a life they love. 

I’m Mary Benton, the founder, and in the past I’ve found myself working long hours at the expense of health and relationships, while still finding I was spinning my wheels and going nowhere fast.  In fact I’ve spent the last 16 years working for others (unknowingly) until a broken contractual business arrangement set me free.  

I survived divorce in 2013, a separation in 2018, and the latest business change – which saw me have to sell my home in early 2021 in order to start again.  

We’ve all been there.  It’s called life.  But I used my 40 years of financial knowledge and skills, and applied some simple steps to rapidly rebuild my wealth and create financial abundance so I could live the life of my dreams.  And I’m going to show you these same simple steps that you can start using today.  Its called the Abundant Wealth Plan.