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About Michelle

I’m a firm handshake kind of person, with a belief in the connectedness of all things.

My interest in the human body began when I became a personal trainer, and over time has morphed into an interest in holistic, therapeutic modalities.

My approach to massage therapy integrates a range of tools and techniques to help keep your body healthy, functional and mobile. I’m always been interested in alternative therapies and am currently studying numerology and tarot to expand my skill set!

These hands have done everything from lifting for the Australian Powerlifting Team, to lovingly nurturing precious babies.

A strong hand isn’t always the best answer, although I have two here if you need them! I’d love to help soothe your weary muscles and lighten your heaviness for a while.


About Knots Begone Remedial Massage

That’s why we offer a range of techniques and methods to integrate into your session.

We want to respond to your body’s current needs and adapt any treatments accordingly. Your session will always be tailored to best suit your changing needs and ailments, so you feel adequately seen and nurtured.

Our bodies hold the weight of all our stress, tension, emotions and thoughts.
It can be our best indicator that we need to address something in our lives. Or our first indicator that we’re struggling or overwhelmed.
It can be easy to move out of balance and feel the impact of pain, tension and tiredness.

Thankfully, our bodies are intuitively geared towards healing. Sometimes all they need is a helping hand (or two)!