Women Making it Work (WMIW) Members Directory

Connection, Empowerment and Business Growth!


Our not-for-profit network is run by members for members, so we truly understand what our members want.

Our network connects business leaders and local councils from across the region, in a range of accessible formats, to create new relationships and support each other’s businesses and the communities we influence.

We empower business leaders through regular learning opportunities, to develop our business skills and strengthen our business offerings.

We promote our members through our online directory and social media presence, to increase our profile and help grow our businesses.

Everyone is welcome here!

Why not come along to one of our events to see for yourself, and promote yourself and your business? Our meetings are on a Wednesday evening once a month starting at 6:30 pm.  Be sure to check our calendar of events for further details and to confirm dates. We would love to see you.